Holiday Travels

Aaron Melville, Copy Editor

With the holidays in full swing, people are travelling all over the country to visit family and friends. Since Columbia has a large population of people from out of state and outside of the country, it’s possible that you know somebody who is going out of town for the holidays.

Some of the most common places to travel are surrounding states to Missouri. Illinois, Kansas and Iowa are some of the most visited by people from Missouri, whether it be someone who is originally from one of these states or has family there. 

Some people travel even further for the holidays. Liam Barry, senior, who is originally from New York, has gone back to his home state several times since moving, especially around the holidays. 

“We would take trains to New York and travel through the countryside. Looking at the beautiful scenery was nice,” Barry said. 

During this season, the weather can also be an issue while travelling. Barry experienced this himself. “We would catch the midnight train in Cincinnati to New York City, and once ran into a blizzard. We were stuck on the bridge into Ohio for hours,” Barry said. 

With that, traffic can get intense during these times. Just remember to stay safe, drive cautiously and have fun during your holiday break.