TEDx Battle returns after a two years absence

Colten Stone, Managing Editor

After TEDx Battle last appeared in 2017, it is making its return to the high school. The conference, also known as the Technology, Entertainment, Design Conference, will mark the third TEDx Battle held at the school. TEDx is an event where people come together to not only come together as one, but to listen to motivational speakers and their personal stories on stage. 

The theme is “Fueling The Fire.” Matt Leutchmann, gifted teacher, said students chose this theme because Wake Up Interact club members wanted to  know the topics and ideas students are passionate about in the community. 

Leauthmann believes there are many positives to the event, which is why he looks forward to the conference returning this year. 

“The community and ideas and inspiring stories that come from it is special, what the students hear when they are telling their stories — it inspires us and it’s a good feeling,” Leutchmann said. “The students have taken it [organizing the event] with a heavy workload and I’m excited to see it return.”

Despite being several months in advance, the Theater Production class has the opportunity to help design the set-up and props for the event. Those props will be showcased to the audience on the day of, which is scheduled for April 2020. 

William Palmer, drama teacher, will not be involved in TEDx this year, however, he has been involved in previous two TEDx events.The props and decorations are diligently prepared to help convey the theme in the best way, he says.  

“It works with the type of space required by TEDx,” Palmer said. 

He also mentioned how that he is excited to see the return of the event, an event that had an impact on his life during the 2017 event. 

“I am extremely excited for it to be back, it gives students an amazing  opportunity to share their life stories to the people here at our school. In the past, I’ve gotten to see the students really grow in their stories, and the development of their stories as they are presenting them. It’s a pretty nice feeling,” Palmer said.

Aya Bellaoui, was among the many students who took time out of their day to share her story in 2017. She is the only student speaker that still remains at Battle, as she was a freshman. Her story shared her story of moving to the United States to Morocco. 

“When I did it as a freshman, I was really nervous because I didn’t know if I wanted to share my story to everyone, but once I started saying it, I felt good and it impacted so many people.  Even people who did not go to Battle heard my story and that’s good that people know it,” Bellaoui said. 

Bellaoui does not plan to speak at the conference this year as of December; however, she hopes to still take part in the event in any way she can. 

“I might do it again this year, but if not, I would love to be able to host it if I can. I have people who actually come up to me about helping them out with their stories that they want to tell,” Bellaoui said. “I tell them that you don’t want to tell your story as if it were a script, but you want to say it as it it it coming from inside you.” 

TEDx Battle will occur on April 10 next semester