Welding Club Cancelled

Ian Melville, Reporter

Last year, every Thursday and Friday evening welders gathered in room A158 with welding teacher John Goddard to expand their skills. Students  hung out, weld, and ate pizza with Goddard, but that came to a halt. 

“Students who want more help/enrichment in the trade come,” Goddard said. 

Cody Brinkman, second year welding student, said welding club was beneficial for many students who wanted to come after school and improve their grades. “It has helped me and other welders due to being able to stay after school to work on our welding skills and gain relationships with other students through helping each other with welding and talk about different welding opportunities,” Brinkman said.

Alex Belt, first year welding student said, “It helped me a lot, if it wasn’t for it I wouldn’t be as good at welding as I am now.”

Students were enriched on the welding types like Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAC) ,Metal Inert Gas (MIG),  Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW). For the elusive third year welding students worked on Gas Tungsten Arc Welding  and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG). 

Currently, the welding club has been put on a halt by administration after being active for two years. 

 Students were able to work on projects and were able to work together on larger group projects. But because of this, that is no longer an option.

“Everyone would have to bring their own welders and no one’s house can support that much power,” Goddard said.  

The club was also beneficial to students that needed to catch up on school work.  

Goddard said, “Struggling students that are willing to sacrifice their time to receive assistance and it is open to all if a first year wanted to come they needed a sponsor and AG kids could come if they had sponsors.” 

Students would like for the club to come back, along with the club sponsor. “Yes, I want it to come back!” said Goddard. 

Welding students feel strongly about this. 

“It helped all welders who came to perfect their skills and learn so much more about welding and have the time after learning to actually be able to do what we have learned,” said Brinkman. 

Welding students and teachers were able to form strong bonds, with welding and friendship. 

“Camaraderie along with welding, different groups cross down here. Socio-economics doesn’t matter here, the thrill of learning with hands built into a program that is enhanced for after school,”  Goddard said.

Welding Club is not scheduled to come back.