Hispanic Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving with some spice

Jennifer Pereyra, Reporter

Latinos have their own Thanksgiving tradition; however, it’s not typically celebrated the same way as a standard American family. Latinos often celebrate with tons of flavourful dishes, pastries, huge family gatherings and tons of fun games. 

A Cuban thanksgiving is always accompanied by platanito maduros and fried sweet plantains, alongside frijoles negros, which are black beans. Frijoles are a must have in all Latino gatherings. 

Milanesa is a popular Latin American dish. The dish is an  array of breaded meats which range from pork, chicken, and even steak. Apart from Milanesa being incorporated into their Thanksgiving Meal, some Argentinians substitute it for the turkey altogether.

At a Puerto Rican Thanksgiving, you’ll be sure to find mofongo on the dinner table. This dish can be eaten in the morning, noon, or night, and is an essential to Puerto Ricans. Garlic-flavored mashed plantains is its key ingredient.  

Forget the notorious pie for dessert. Dominicans indulge in the popular dessert also known as Bizcocho. Often times the recipe is simple or they pack the punch by turning it into a rum cake. 

A salad might not be a traditional Thanksgiving meal; however, to Venezuelans, ensalada de gallina is a staple item. Translated to chicken salad in English, this dish is packed with flavor and ingredients such as potatoes, mayo, carrots, and chicken. 

Colombians take white rice to another level with arroz con coco. This dish is made by soaking rice in coconut milk with raisins. The sweet taste of the rice goes well with cranberry sauce and some traditional turkey. 

Thanksgiving is a holiday where everyone comes together to celebrate life’s greatest blessings; however, every culture has its differences. From fried plantains to chicken salad, there’s always something new to try this holiday season.