Take a coat

Take a coat; give a coat

Jennifer Pereyra, Reporter

Need a coat, take a coat, have a coat, give a coat. The school is providing free coats of all sizes for students and staff members in need of a coat, the coats are outside of the counseling office. For Students that are in need of a warm jacket, they are told to go ahead and grab one.

Staff and administrators have noticed the number of students who needed coats. Last year, the administration decided to put coats out in the hall, after being inspired by a Facebook post. 

Students may think there’s a stigma to asking for a coat, or may feel like they can’t ask for a coat. whether it be a student, a family member, staff, or a friend. Anyone should be allowed to stay warm, without being embarrassed to ask.  

After experimenting last year, organizers have found themselves giving out at least 30-40 coats, and receiving about 20-30 coats this year. From teachers, people outside of school, and an agency who left our students tons of coats and warm accessories.

“The thing that makes me happiest is when I go out there everyday, and I’ll see empty hangers. That lets me know the kids are using them, that just makes me incredibly happy,” Dana Harris, school counselor, said. 

Samantha Snavely, English teacher, said, “I think it’s a great way to give coats out to people who need them, or even when they forget them.” 

Towrie Lem, freshman, said “Stay warm, that’s the most important thing, providing free jackets for students is really beneficial to those who can’t afford one” 

This year, the school has seen an increase in the amount of coats being taken off of the hangers, as we slowly achieve our school’s goal to make sure every student, staff, and family member is warm this winter season.