She Kills Monsters

Girl Vs. Monster

Jennifer Pereyra, Reporter

The spring play, She Kills Monsters, will include Dungeons and Dragons, wicked battles, (and wicked dance battles), and a whole lot of girl power. 

The play follows a young girl named Agnes, who lost her family when she was in high school. As a young adult, she discovers her sister’s Dungeons and Dragons module and decides to undergo the module’s quest in hopes to learn more about her younger sister with whom she didn’t have a close relationship with.

Agnes, her sister, and her party take on violent fairies, deadly jello mods, cheerleader bullies, Tiamat, the five headed dragon, and a horde of other monsters. Along the way, they learn that no matter who you are, or what makes you “different,” there is something powerful and special in everyone.

“I think this play is a lot of fun. It is funny and heartwarming, filled out with fight scenes (including a ‘90s dance battle), and can be really empowering,” William Palmer, theater teacher, mentioned about this years play.

Many students had auditioned for the upcoming play, and they just recently casted the play. Isabel Myers, sophomore, said, “Being in She Kills Monsters is really fun, especially since the show focuses on Dungeons and Dragons. The few of us who really enjoy fantasy worlds, in the cast or in the audience, will love the show.” 

Arden Stout, sophomore, explained how they feel about the play.“ I think the play will be very fun because the very talented cast, I think people will love the story of the play,” Stout said.

Performances will be Feb. 20-22 at 7pm. Tickets for students are $5. There will be a fourth block performance on Feb. 20, tickets will be sold ahead of time at lunches.