Snow day disrupts finals week


Snow begins to blanket the city of Columbia. (Nic Myers)

Columbia Public Schools announced on Sunday that school would be canceled on Monday, Dec. 16 due to inclement weather.  This cancelation falls on an important review day for students in order to prepare for finals. Battle High School released an updated version of the finals schedule to give students more time to prepare for finals. But for some students this still isn’t enough. 

Senior Summer Evans has a final scheduled for Tuesday instead of taking it during the assigned final block, which some teachers do depending on the course. She expressed that it makes preparing for finals more challenging. 

“Taking finals right after a weekend is going to make me feel more rushed and pressured,” Evans said about missing a day to review for finals. “Not having a review day is going to negatively affect me since I won’t be able to ask teachers about content on the final.”

On the other hand, some students were relieved to have another day to prepare for finals. 

“Having a full day off will actually help since I can have more time to study for finals,” senior Brady Buchner said. 

Buchner also believes that this snow day will allow him to perform better on his finals versus having to go to school and review.

Twelfth grade english teacher Kristie Harms suggests that students reach out to their teachers using Schoology or email and to also check those outlets for updates from teachers as well.  

“Having this altered schedule ends up offering less review time for most classes. I do hope students do whatever they can with the resources they do have though, so that this next week isn’t extra stressful,” Harms said.  

The altered schedule and an extra day off should allow students to have the most amount of time to prepare, but if students feel as if this schedule does not help, students should reach out to their teachers to discuss options.

The updated finals schedule