Snow Day Finals Fiasco

Haily Cook, Reporter

It’s been a chilly two days, and a huge snow storm has hit just in time for finals week. On Sunday night a snow storm came in to Columbia, causing Columbia Public Schools (CPS) to cancel school, the snowstorm continued Monday causing CPS to cancel school on Tuesday as well. For students this caused huge excitement, until some realized that they now have to take finals when they return. Due to the two days missed, many students don’t have study guides for tests. Some teachers have altered the final exam to make it easier on students since they were given less review time and time to ask important questions. 

Jocelyn Calhoun, Junior, said “I feel like these two snow days were an advantage, yet a disadvantage to finals week, because we were given time to work on stuff at home and relieved some of the stress from finals, but we haven’t been able to get study guides or take advantage of our in class review time to ask questions and seek valuable help.” 

Paige Niles, Junior, said “I have used the two snow days to the best of my ability, I have reviewed with the information I have and I feel a little better going into this week.” Many students used these two days to wrap up any projects or finish missing work. 

Jamie McGuire, Junior, said “I feel that it is a little unfair that we have to finals when were not given the in class time and study guides. However, I do see how we have still had these past two days to review so it’s still fair to take them.”

 Many students are upset by finals still taking place, with no change to the percentage of our grade they will be. One student began a petition to have CPS change finals to where they could only improve our grade instead of hurt our grades, many St. Louis schools are doing this, including Wentzville School District. As nothing has been announced for CPS yet, students should still study to try their best on final exams.