Choir Holiday Taping

Marazul Bullard, Reporter

‘Tis the season!  December is finally here and choir is celebrating in their own unique way. Each year, Thomas Hercules, choir teacher, and his students partake in the holiday choir taping; an event where choir students from high schools and middle schools from across mid-Missouri sing holiday songs in order to spread the Christmas spirit. 

This year, the event took place Dec. 5th in Rockbridge’s Performing Arts Center (PAC). . The students, along with Hercules, were very pleased with how the taping went this year. 

“This year was a lot better than previous years due to the fact that we didn’t have to rerecord as many times. If we did have to redo something, it was because of technical problems,” mentioned Kayli Lightner, senior.

 “It went so much better this year because we were a lot more prepared and all in all, we just performed a lot better this year,” added Hercules. 

On Oct. 29th, choir performed for KOMU and following this performance, they did their Holiday Taping. “Holiday taping is to spread Christmas cheer! It’s also a great opportunity to showcase the talents of our students,” said Hercules.

 For Kyleigh Porter, freshman, it was her first year in choir as well as her first time doing the holiday taping, “For being my first year, I thought it went really well. I would definitely want to do it again.” 

When comparing the KOMU performance to the CPS One performance, Lightner said, “For the KOMU we only do one song, and it’s fun to do more than one which is why I like the CPS One more because usually the one song we do is not our most intricate song compared to the others.” 

For more information on the holiday taping or any questions about choir, you can email Mr. Hercules at [email protected].