Juniors prepare for the ACT

Kenny Miller, Reporter

On Feb. 25, juniors will take one of the most important tests in their lives, the American College Testing (ACT). It is a big test for many because it can affect what colleges they can attend and what scholarships they can get. So what do students do to prepare themselves for the ACT?

Some juniors, including Cassidy Schulte,have been preparing for a while. “I’ve been going to classes over the summer and last semester to prepare me for the test,” Schulte said.

Schulte added that she believes it’s best to prepare ahead of the test if students want to get a good score.

Sarah Fox has been preparing for the big test. Fox said, “I look up tips online and do practice problems. It really helps me actually do problems from the test.”

Neither Schulte nor Fox have taken the ACT before, so they say they don’t know what to expect from it. “It’s hard to take a test you have never seen before, so I do what I can to prepare for it,” Schulte said.”

While some juniors have been focusing on specific ACT preparation, Lane Story says he’s been trying to study the material they’ve been learning this year. “I haven’t been focusing on specific ACT prep because I have been focusing on my classes now. While it’s important to do ACT prep things, I think it’s best to focus on what you’re learning now in class,” Story said.

Story is in multiple Advanced Placement (AP) and honors classes so he thinks this could help improve his score because of how well they prepare students. “All my core block teachers do a great job of helping me get prepared for the test. They show us strategies on the test so we aren’t lost going into it,” Story said.

In addition,the A+ program is offering a free tutoring session on Feb. 24. Robert Connor said he is glad the school is offering a program like this since sometimes it can be hard to find time to study. “It’s hard to find time for the ACT so the tutoring session is a great opportunity for me to gain as much information as I can in a short period of time,” Connor said.

The ACT tutoring session will teach juniors lots of key tricks and tips in order for students to pass.

“It’s a major advantage for me to know all this. If I didn’t have the session, I know my score will be a lot lower,” Connor said.

All juniors will take the ACT on Feb. 25.