Battle reacts to the Super Bowl

Chiefs Super Bowl win sends shock waves through Battle


Kansas City Chiefs Tight End, Travis Kelce (87) after Super Bowl 54 between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers on February 2, 2020. (Matt Starkey) Photo provided by Chiefs media page.

Kenny Miller, Reporter

After 50 years, the Kansas City Chiefs won their second Super Bowl after defeating the San Francisco 49ers. The Super Bowl was full of emotional and stressful moments but many fans say it was worth it.

The game started more defensively, with both defenses preparing well for their opponent. Both offenses had strong drives at times; however, the defense on both sides of the ball was the reason for the low scoring game in the first half.

“It wasn’t the first half anyone was expecting. A lot of people expected a high scoring game but the defenses really showed up.” Devan Kelley, junior, said.

The game was tied 10-10 going into the half.

The game got more stressful for Chiefs fans after halftime. The 49ers were able to run the ball effectively which took time away from the Chiefs. After the 49ers scored a field goal, fans hoped the team could redeem themselves. One drive later, Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs quarterback. threw an interception, giving the ball back to the 49ers and trailing 20-10 with less than 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter.

“It was so quick that we got behind. Everyone had their heads down. We didn’t give up on our team but it was hard to remain optimistic,” Elliot Thomas, junior, said.

The Chiefs got the ball back and started to drive the ball down the field. Mahomes found Tyreek Hill, wide receiver, and threw a 47 yard pass to set the Chiefs up in a position to score. They drove down the rest of the field and scored and after forcing a three and out, the Chiefs got the ball back. They drove down the field again to take the lead 24-21.

“The room erupted when they scored. Everyone was going crazy. The game wasn’t over but it felt like we were unstoppable,” Kelley said.

The 49ers got the ball back with 2:34 seconds left. Jimmy Garrapolo got the 49ers to their own 47 yard line when the two minute warning hit, but after the commercial break the Chiefs shut down the 49ers on four straight plays to get the ball back. The Chiefs had the ball on their own 43 yard line and on their second play of the drive, running back Damien Williams ran a 38 yard touchdown to seal the game.

“We thought the game was over. But that run by Williams was still incredible. It was icing on the cake,” Thomas said.

The game ended after Kendall Fuller picked off Jimmy Garoppolo and the Chiefs kneeled the ball to win the game. The win marked the second time the franchise had won the Super Bowl.

“It was incredible to see the Chiefs win the big one. It’s been so long since they won the Super Bowl and it really meant a lot to us Chiefs fans. Andy Reid deserved it,” Robert Smithburg, senior, said.

The last time the Chiefs appeared in a Super Bowl was 50 years ago, meaning that students never experienced a Super Bowl like this. Elliot Thomas, junior, says he still is in disbelief about the win.

“It feels so weird having my team win it all. Every year we come up short so seing us hold the Lombardi was crazy. I still can’t believe it,” Thomas said.

Danny Nichols, 49ers fan, says it was an emotional night after the team gave up a big lead.

“I’m happy for Chiefs fans but I can’t stand the fact we blew that big lead. It was a horrible night and hopefully they can return to the Super Bowl next year,” Nichols said.

The Chiefs hosted the Super Bowl parade on Feb. 5 at Union Station in Kansas City.