Presko’s Last Semester

Kim Presko reflects on her last semester as principal of Battle High


Dr. Presko will retire in 2020 after seven years as head principal of Battle. (Nathan Stever)

Nathan Stever, Editor In Chief

Battle High School officially opened in 2013. For the past seven and a half school years, Kim  Presko has been at the helm as Battle’s first principal. This semester is her last semester, which will complete her eighth year as principal. She will be retiring at the end of this school year.

Presko started her career as a math teacher at Harrisonville High School where she taught for one year. She then moved to West Middle School where she taught math for four years, before becoming the assistant principal at Oakland Middle School for 18 years as well as head principal. Finally, she became principal of Battle. In total, Presko has worked in the education system for 30 years, over half of that being spent at Oakland Middle School. 

“There are three things that I would consider my greatest achievements. For one, starting a high school. Secondly, hiring really good teachers and really good staff, because that is what helps the students learn and grow. Lastly, being the first high school in Columbia to have a letter jacket for academics,” Presko said. 

Sherry Colwell, Presko’s secretary, has worked with Presko for 26 years, after first working together at Oakland Middle School. Colwell said Presko has had a major impact on the school . 

“I would say her greatest legacy is she’s always been a strong advocate for kids. She has always put students first. Dr. Presko’s dedication and hard work have made such a difference for so many kids,” Colwell stated.  

Adam Taylor will be the new principal, taking over Presko’s position. He expressed that he is excited and happy to take over the new position. He also mentioned how he is looking forward to continuing the legacy of Battle.  “Dr. Presko cares deeply for Battle High School and has worked tirelessly for every individual who comes to school, students and staff to have a great experience filled with limitless opportunities,” commented Taylor.