Competing for the win

Art students compete at Columbia College


Drawing “The Lover” by Kathryn Hosey. Photo provided by Jody Spriggs

Jennifer Pereyra, Reporter

As the second semester starts, the Visual Arts department is competing at the annual Columbia College High School Art Competition this February. The shows will run from Feb. 3 to Feb.15.

The competition will be held at the Sidney Larson Gallery in Brown Hall on the Columbia College campus. The Visual Arts faculty will select 15 to 20 pieces from 10 different students in a variety of different materials from photography, drawing, painting and 3D and fiber works.

I am especially fond of this exhibition because it is an excellent opportunity for our students to showcase their talents in the context of other artists of the same age,” art teacher Jody Springs commented.

Senior Emily Nowack said she is excited for this year’s competition for many reasons.  She will be displaying a digital photograph titled Blue Period. 

“The Columbia College High School Art Competition is something I look forward to every year. It’s a great time to see what other artists in the area are doing even if you aren’t featured,” Nowack explained. 

The show’s main goal is to ultimately celebrate art produced from high schools in the area, according to the Columbia College Website. There are titles and prizes to be won which make the students excited and determined to do their best and show what they can do. 

Senior Kathryn Hosey is a third year participant and will display three pieces at the exhibition. One is a photograph (titled “Hidden in Hannibal”), another is a mixed media piece (titled “The Lover”), and the third is a drawing (titled “The Magician”). 

 “I always look forward to seeing the work of other high school students. Every year the award outcome is different, and I’m intrigued to see how the faculty views my work this year,” Hosey said. 

The shows will start on Feb. 3 and can be found at the Sidney Larson Gallery in Brown Hall.