Preparing to slay

Theatre department prepares for their spring play

Sunkha Kimhang, Reporter

The Performing Arts department prepares for the upcoming play this month “She Kills Monsters.” The play follows the journey of Agnes, a girl who lost her sister while she was in high school. Despite the two not being particularly close, Agnes grieves her sister’s loss and stumbles upon a notebook containing a game her sister created. The game, also known as Dungeons and Dragons, helps Agnes learn more about her sister. During the process she hires a “Dungeon Master” named Chuck. 

Williams Palmer, head of the Performing Arts department said he thinks the play has a deeper meaning and that he believes it can help the audience connect with the story. 

“I really feel that the message of the play is a celebration of young women, girl nerds, and LGBT individuals. It is very relevant today and to our Battle community,” Palmer said. “It really feels like a case of the right play at the right time and I have such an amazing cast and crew to pull it off.”

However, preparing for this play takes a lot of time and effort from everyone involved. Molly Fox, lead actress, says she is constantly trying to improve as an actor. 

“I’m working every day on memorizing my lines and there’s lots of dance battles and fight scenes that we also have to work on memorizing,” Fox said. 

Other than memorizing, actors say they prepare by making sure the choreography during the fight and dance scenes are as clean and realistic as possible. 

“To prepare, we have certain dates to go over the choreography and watch for blows which is when someone is hit. So if there is a blow, I’ll correct it and make sure it looks correct off stage. Palmer makes sure the overall picture looks great while I just fine tune some things he might miss,” Natalie McNeeley, assistant stage choreographer and actor, said.

“She Kills Monsters” is a very engaging play which will be available to the community this February 20th to the 22nd at 7pm. Tickets for students are $5, and there will be a 4th block performance on the 20th. Tickets will be sold ahead of time at lunch. Feel free to come and watch the show-stopping performance.