Missouri fights injustices Downtown

Girl Strong fights for women’s rights Downtown

Rachel Eaton, Reporter

Hundreds of people from around Mid-Missouri descended on the streets of Downtown Columbia to march for women’s rights on Jan. 18.  According to the Women’s March website, the march was not just focused on women’s rights, but also to advocate for black rights and LGBTQ+ rights.  

Battle High School’s Girls Strong members attended the event. They carried posters advocating for women’s rights and the support of a recent period poverty bill that would provide free menstrual products at public schools. 

Ema Higgins participated in the event. She said she hopes the march would create conversations about policies. 

“I hope that it changes things in our school district like having period products in bathrooms,” Higgins said. 

Before marchers took to the street, speakers welcomed everyone. They spoke on a variety of topics including gun violence, advocating for change, and more. Marchers then took to the streets, circling around Downtown Columbia.   

This was the third Women’s March to happen in Columbia. Susie Adams, sponsor of Girls Strong, has attended the event all three years and says she appreciates what the march is advocating for.  

“I hope that more women of all generations will continue to come together in solidarity to support all women’s issues,” Adams said. 

Adams has always been an advocate for women’s rights and strives to help girls get involved in politics. 

“I tend to wear my political statements,” Adams said. 

Rachel Jeffries, junior, said she also hopes the march will get students to discuss the topic. 

“I hope that so many girls will be empowered enough to stand up for themselves, like walking Downtown to protest,” Jeffries said. 

If interested, Adams said attending a Girls Strong meeting would be a great place to learn more information about the topic.