Coats For All

Spartan Closet gives coats for students in need

Jennifer Pereyra, Reporter

When Battle opened, Dana Harris, counselor, created a “closet” where students could receive free coats, pants, food, shoes, and more. The program started out smaller than it is today, mainly to see if it was a program that would be helpful for students, now through the past year’s Battle’s staff has been supporting tons of students and families.  

The first year here we started storing small amounts of extra clothes for students in the guidance office and realized that there was a need for it,” Harris said. 

After noticing the increase in students needing everyday items, Battle’s staff set out to find another storage location. The program, which was moved into the space they currently use now, located in lower G hall, has been open for over four and a half years and provides a variety of options for students in need of basic necessities. The program consists of donations from students, teachers, and community members. 

Harris pointed out that the closet offers more than just coats and extra clothing.  She said the closet also gives out prom dresses, Spartan gear, shoes, purses, and lots more. In addition, the clothes in the closet are interchanged through winter and summer. 

The program most students know, known as ‘Take a Coat’, is a part of the Spartan Closet. The ‘Take a Coat Program’ provides students coats during the winter months to help students stay warm. Harris predicts that they gave about 30 to 40 coats and warm accessories just this year. 

9th grade English teacher Samantha Snavely said she is happy with the program as it advocates and supports the kids at Battle.

“I think the Take a Coat program is a great way to give coats out to people who need them most, or even when they forget them,” Snavely said.  

The Spartan Closet also provides students food at no cost. Harris says the program supplies food to students who need it, either as a school snack or a take home meal, to make sure everyone has what they need without having to struggle.

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them. I feel that all students should have the same opportunities in life to be accepted and be the best they can, without judgement or shame,” Harris said. 

Freshman Towrie Lem said she didn’t know about the Spartan Closet, but likes the program they are establishing.   

“I never knew our school had a closet, but now knowing, it’s kind of resourceful and helpful to the students who don’t have certain things. I also like how welcoming it is,” Lem said. 

Students can stop by the guidance office if they are interested in learning more about the program or receiving products.