In-Person Elementary School- How it was going and what’s happening now

Makayla Voris

On October 5, the CPS Board of Education voted that elementary students from pre-K to fifth grade would go back to school on October 19. Precautionary measures including mask-wearing and social distancing were applied, and CPS elementary schools opened for in-person learning for approximately three weeks. COVID-19 numbers began to spike after the return of students, forcing many schools, including Alpha Hart and Derby Ridge, to go back into a virtual setting as soon as November 6. That very day, the 14-day case rate rose to 376 in quarantine with 14 positive tests; all 21 schools have been affected. With this in mind, the Board met again on Monday, November 9 and voted to once again put elementary schools back online. The Board has said that they will monitor COVID numbers, with the hopes that teachers and students will once again be able to return to an in-person environment on January 11.