Favorite Thanksgiving Food

Rachel Eaton, Reporter

It’s that time of year- the turkey is in the oven, the pies are cooling on the counter, those fantastic mashed potatoes are steaming from the bowl, and the rolls are piping hot. That’s right, it’s Thanksgiving! One of the best parts of this holiday is the food and many people have that one mouth watering dish they look forward to more than any other. For three Battle students, stuffing is the top choice.

Asia Smith, senior, explained that stuffing is special to her because it comes with the memory of her grandma.

“Even though my grandma has passed I will always remember her famous dressing. Every time I imagine the taste I can see myself celebrating Thanksgiving in Mississippi with my big family,” said Smith. 

Smith said that even though her grandma is no longer here, she will try to do her dressing justice. 

“This will be my and my ma’s first year trying to recreate grandma’s dressing. Hopefully we can do it right,” said Smith.

Ada Chapman, junior, shared that stuffing in his family is never made the same way from his family members and that makes it special to him 

“It’s a special dish to me because it can be made in so many ways. Be it boxed, with turkey, or as my uncles like it, with walnuts and celery, stuffing is a dish that is common in so many homes, yet differs so much. I feel that there is a simple beauty in those differences,” said Chapman.

Natalie McNeeley, senior, said stuffing is made by her grandmother, but what makes it special is what it reminds her of.

“It reminds me of family and love,” said McNeeley.