Alissa Simmons Continues Golf To College

Rachel Eaton and Makayla Voris

Senior Alissa Simmons signed a letter of intent on Dec 7th to play golf for Central Methodist University. This honor doesn’t happen to everyone- it takes hard work, persistence, and love for the sport.

“It is a high honor to be chosen to play a college level sport,” said Ema Higgins, a senior and fellow golf player “[it takes] a lot of determination and drive to participate in a college level while simultaneously being enrolled in college level courses to earn a degree, and I know that Alissa Simmons has what it takes to do both,” Higgins continued. 

But Simmons’ talent and determination to excel in golf didn’t happen overnight. Simmons started playing golf in sixth grade with her dad, who introduced her to the sport. 

“It was probably apparent to me that Alissa would be playing competitive golf when she was around age 12. We competed in the Show-Me State Games Father-Daughter Competition and she really enjoyed it,” said her father, Reginald Simmons.

 But Simmons’ drive and love for the sport continued, because of the challenges and expectations the game pushed her to. 

“I like that golf challenges me mentally and challenges me to rely on myself and my abilities. More often than not I am playing by myself and not in a partnership so it’s me versus the course,” said Alissa Simmons.  

Golf’s challenges made Simmons a better and more confident player on the course. 

“Golf requires patients and confidence,” Simmons said. “If you go to hit a ball without any confidence you want it very good. My confidence in my abilities have [significantly] increased over the last four years thus making me a better player,”.

Hunter Salem, a junior and fellow golf player said that not only was Simmons a good player but a good teammate. 

“She honestly made herself a good player. She put in the extra time outside of practice and during practice,” said Salem. “She was a good team player because she would make sure everyone was [trying] their hardest at all times. Also she is just fun to be around, which I feel makes a good team player,”.  

Simmons was a good team player in more ways than one, she also helped individually whenever she could.

“She helped just about everyone on the team improve their game. She gave tips and advice to everyone on how to better their game,” said Salem. 

Everyone seems to be rooting for Simmons’s decision, including her father. 

“I just hope that she continues to follow her dreams in life and when she’s on the golf course hit them straight and putt them true!” said Mr. Simmons.