Wellness Week

A week to be mindful


Wellness Week activities

Jennifer Pereyra, Reporter

The global pandemic and the challenges of virtual school have been hard on everyone this year. To help alleviate some stress and anxiety, the Student Council is having a wellness week to help support anyone in need of some guidance. Throughout the week there will be activities for students and staff that stimulate self care.

“The main reason we came up with Wellness Week was stress and anxiety. Students and teachers already deal with a ton of school related stress, but virtual classes and the pandemic have especially been hard. As Student Council, one of our biggest goals is making sure that every student feels heard” StuCo president Marissa Moore mentions. 

Monday was Mindful Monday, students posted a picture of a mindful activity.

 Tuesday was To-Do List Tuesday- students came up and shared their to-do list and goals. Coming up with a list of tasks tends to make conquering daily chores a lot easier since you can visually see what needs to get done. 

Wednesday was Wellness Wednesday: students found and posted a way to destress to help out fellow students. One way to destress is to clear your mindset and room.

Thursday was Task Completed Thursday: students shared an accomplishment they are most proud of this semester. Taking the time to reflect on moments that made you feel good, can bring a sense of happiness. 

Friday was Feel Good Friday- students got outside and had some fun!

To help get rid of the anxiety that comes at the end of the semester, Student Council will be hosting study sessions for any student that needs help in their classes as well. To sign up, look in your student mail or click the link in their Instagram bio (@Battlespartans_stuco), where they will also be posting activities each day with the hashtag #BHSWellness20. 

“I think the study sessions are a great idea, the semester is coming to an end so it’s the perfect time to get some help on studying, completing assignments, etc.” Sophomore Jacqueline Ozanich says. 

“Mindfulness is such a good thing to do when you’re under a lot of pressure. I think it’s great that they’re giving students an opportunity to do that so they can reduce all the stress that’s coming from online school.” Sophomore Melissa Lindsey says.

During these times, it’s necessary to check on your well being. It can be difficult especially when stress starts to build up over time. Take a minute out of your day to do something that’ll benefit your mental state. Check up on those you care by virtually reaching out and letting them know that you’re there for them. We all need a little bit of support at times.