Students Help Out At DECA Food Drive


Rachel Eaton, Reporter

On Dec 16th Columbia DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) collected food and money for the local Food Bank; they raised $955 and six boxes of food. They are only five dollars short of their goal. 

“The Food Bank is a great organization to work with,” said Ema Higgins, a senior. “I hope we positively impact the lives of individuals that receive products from the Food Bank,” Higgins said. 

Ricardo Rodriguez and Higgins, both seniors, joined DECA their junior year. Like most members they joined to learn and prepare themselves for their future careers. 

“I wanted to participate in DECA to increase my business skills and to prepare for the major I want to take in college,” said Higgins. 

Normally, DECA would be preparing for district in person but due to COVID-19 things look very different.

“Usually what you do for DECA is to prepare yourself for districts with practice exams and practice role playing,” said Rodriguez. “DECA also offers many volunteering opportunities.”

One of those “volunteering opportunities” to help them in real world situations where their business skills would come in handy, was the DECA sponsored Food Bank Food Drive.  

Rodriguez said, “I am helping with the DECA food drive [by] reaching out to friends, family teachers and coworkers to see if they would be able to donate.”

Higgins and Rodriguez both recommend that if students are interested in a business filled that DECA is the way to go to prepare for a future career.  

DECA and the Food Bank had set up an online website to donate money and drop off centers to donate canned food or money.