Alive Club


Alive Club

Jennifer Pereyra, Reporter

The Alive Club hosted their first meeting Friday, February 5th, at 6 PM. These meetings  look over parts of the old testament of the bible, and how God’s people lived after having fallen. Be sure to join if interested.

The Alive Club strives to reach the students of Battle High School with the loving forgiveness of Jesus Christ. They are student led and aim to reach students through fellowship and community outreach. Once the pandemic starts to cool down, they’d like to have some more outreach opportunities like picking up trash around Battle’s campus. 

A typical Friday night zoom consists of fellowship, and discussion prompted from studying different parts of the Bible. “We have a lot of fun, and we’re always excited to have new people, whether they are just wanting to learn more about Christianity, or they’ve known the faith for a long time.” Senior, Mackenzie Harrington says. 

Zoom info can be found in your school email or contact Mackenzie Harrington or John Criswell via zoom. Youth Kindness Ambassadors and Alive Club will also be hosting a Virtual Among Us Tournament via zoom on March 5th. It is at 7 P.M. and will last a couple hours. The winner will receive a $10 Andy’s gift card. The Deadline to apply is March 1st, more information can be found in your school email.