Learning Hands-On

Students and Teachers get to be more hands-on at a safe distance


Jaylee Nistendirk finishes making her pillow

Jennifer Pereyra, Reporter

Now that school is finally back five days a week, classes are finally getting their chance to interact with each other and get back to work. Working on science experiments, painting pictures, and presenting in front of the whole class, which last year and last semester, wasn’t possible due to virtual learning. 

For Spanish teacher, Amy Jammeh. Her class has gotten the opportunity to explore different cultural aspects of the Spanish speaking world. Currently, they are learning about the different Spanish countries. In addition to learning more cultural components, they can finally do more writing and reading of longer texts to really get in depth and improve in their Spanish,

“I’m really enjoying teaching in the in-person mode because it allows World Language teachers more flexibility to have students explore, engage, and appreciate the Spanish language.” Jammeh says. 

In Fashion and Fabric Construction, students like Jaylee Nistendirk, have been able to begin working on projects such as tote bags, aprons, and pillow cases. Being in class gives students the chance to be more hands-on, to interact, and create.

Tech. theatre is currently working on makeup for film and stage. Practicing how to perfect their makeup skills and learning techniques with the old age and gore project by making edible blood, using different types of makeup to make realistic bruises and wounds like lacerations, punctures, etc. 

Theatre teacher, Myriah Araiza enjoys being able to meet her full class and watching her students enjoy themselves while learning how to use makeup for film and stage.

“While the students are enjoying it now, there was definitely apprehension from many about actually being required to put on makeup. Now more and more students leave still wearing stage makeup into their next classes.” Araiza says. 

Being back in school has brought some positive effects and smiles on the students’ and teachers’ faces now that in depth learning is possible without the struggles of online learning.