Despite Pandemic, Graduation Proceeds

Jackson Meyer, Reporter

As senior year comes to a close, the topic of graduation arises. The official graduation ceremony will take place on May 22 at Mizzou Arena with two separate ceremonies, the first hybrid group at 3:30 pm and the second hybrid group at 6:45 pm, due to COVID-19 precautions. Seniors will also attend the rehearsal on May 21 at Battle.

Of course, due to the unprecedented times that we face, graduation will look a tad different this year. Normally, there would just be one large ceremony, but due to COVID-19, there will now be two. Students also have a limit on how many family members they can bring to attend, with the number capping at six per student. 

Graduation will take place at Mizzou Arena as normal, but due to COVID-19, there was a lot of uncertainty about the location earlier in the year.

 “At the beginning of planning, Mizzou Arena did not seem to be a possibility because Mizzou had decided that they would be going all virtual, but eventually they doubled back and now, fortunately, we are able to have it at Mizzou.” Secretary Sharla Hyler said.

With such a wacky year, many problems arose amidst the planning process for graduation. Ms. Hyler covered a multitude of these problems.

 “Well, of course, due to COVID, we had to limit the numbers in the arena, which led to the decision of having two separate ceremonies,” Hyler said

. Hyler also spoke of some planning issues that she herself was having. “As for me, the big struggle is trying to figure out which seniors are participating and which ones aren’t, for seating arrangements for the two different ceremonies. We also have to make sure if anybody needs accessible seating to those who need it.’ Hyler said.

It is fair to say that the planning of graduation has been nothing short of different this year. Throughout the year, there were rumors circulating that graduation may have taken place outdoors, but eventually, the administration came to the consensus to hold graduation at Mizzou Arena. 

Senior, Marissa Moore, agreed with the decision. “I think the decision to have graduation indoors was a smart idea. I think that outdoors would have been more of a problem, considering that masks might not have been worn and people would not feel the need to social distance.” Moore said. 

Moore also gave praise for the decision to do two ceremonies due to the safety of others. “While I do think we could have forced one ceremony, I think two was for the best. Two ceremonies allow more families to come to the event, especially being able to have six guests attend per graduate.” Moore said.