Show Choir’s April Performance

Rachel Eaton, Reporter

On April 16 Show Choir had their performance for the Show Choir Rock Bridge Competition and Carthage Competition. 

They performed the sequence for the competition twice both times recorded. The first was a test run, to see what looked good and what could use a little touch up. The second was turned in for the competitions. The second time the audience of family and friends were encouraged to be as loud as they could with their applause of oohs and ahs. 

Show Choir performed four songs in total each adding to the story. The performance was about trying to make it big in show biz.

The first song of the performance was “Big Time” going to audition for the part. It was an up beat song, very fast paced. The dancing was fast but precise in what the message of the song was. The dancing and music went really well together. 

The second song “Unwanted” is not getting the part. It was still fast in the beat and the dance pace, but you could feel the anger and sadness of not getting the part from the performers. 

The third song “Creep/The Show Must Go On” feeling down because you can’t seem to get a part no matter how many additions you go to. The music was perfect for what the message was, the mashup of the two songs was well executed.

The last song “Comin’ Out On Top” that feeling when you audition and get the part. The song changed dramatically as well as the choreography, it was no longer just upbeat but happy and energetic.