Senior Year Recap

Jackson Meyer, Reporter

This school year has been nothing short of wild. Here we are in the month of April, slowly returning back to normal. At the beginning of the year, there was a high level of uncertainty about whether or not students would return to the classroom all year. COVID-19 numbers were still high in Columbia and the return to normalcy seemed a bit far-fetched. As we begin to wrap up the 2020-2021 school year, seniors and teachers had the opportunity of recapping the wild year that might have left us with a few bruises here and there.

This past semester has been an excellent time and opportunity for seniors to apply for scholarships if they plan on attending college. Due to the pandemic, there are some extra scholarship opportunities, which give students a wide variety of ways to save money. 

Secretary, Sharla Hyler, said that unfortunately there have not been too many new students applying for these scholarships. “It does not seem like the amount of people applying for scholarships has changed all too much. We still have a lot of kids applying which is awesome, but it’s all the same kids.”

Hyler also spoke about the pressure that was on the staff for seniors to have a graduation. “There is definitely pressure from parents, but unfortunately, we can’t please everyone. Last year, many were complaining about the location of the graduation, and this year the number of tickets may be an issue.”

This school year was incredibly uncertain at times and the future has never been secure. This year started off with all virtual learning, then after winter break, all CPS schools moved into the hybrid format, then after spring break, all schools went back to in-seat five days a week officially. The schools have done a terrific job at keeping kids safe and ensuring that no outbreaks occur, at least what we can control. 

Senior Kenny Miller described his senior year in just one brief sentence. “A rollercoaster of a year. The reason I say that is because we have been through many ups and downs and lots of uncertainty, but hey, we still made it to the end.”

With Such a crazy year, also gave seniors various opportunities to learn life lessons. Miller had the opportunity to share what he learned from this year. “Always be ready to adapt. We have had to go through a lot and school changed so frequently over the year. If you like the changes great, but you still have to adapt to the given circumstances at all times.”

Seniors, congratulations on sticking through one of the wildest years ever presented in global history. You made it.