Darkroom Records Internship

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Darkroom Records Internship

Jennifer Pereyra, Reporter

Do you enjoy creating music? Are you interested in earning school credit by learning how to be a studio engineer? Have you heard of Darkroom Records? If not, they are a free, professional recording studio right here at Battle High School and are looking for musicians and interns to join.

Opening their doors next year, Darkroom Records is a free after school activity where students can visit a professional recording studio and record their own music, be an audio engineer, or simply explore the world of music. Currently forms have been opened for juniors and seniors who are interested in the internship.  

The internship is an opportunity for any student who is interested in learning more about professional audio engineering, which entails recording, mixing, and mastering in a fully professional studio environment. 

Darkroom Records sponsor and AP World History/ English 10 teacher, Jordan Smith, mentions how students benefit from the skills they learn. 

“Students in the internship will learn skills that will prepare them for the first steps of becoming an audio engineer, and they can take those skills into a future relevant career path,” Smith said. 

 Students interested will go through an interview process at the end of May, and if given the internship they will spend next year working every week in the studio after school. Students will earn one full elective credit on their transcript, and this will be awarded by working in the studio between three to four hours a week. 

If you’re a junior or senior next year and are interested in the position, be sure to fill out the form found in your student mail. The deadline for applications is Friday, May 21st. Only a very limited number of students will be chosen for the position, and the sooner you apply the better. If you have any other questions be sure to contact Jordan Smith at [email protected] or stop by his classroom, G214A.