Future, Here

A must see one act play performance


Jennifer Pereyra, Reporter

Do you find yourself having a bunch of free time? Come view the new and upcoming play Future, Here, in person or through their live stream, Fri. May 14 at 7:00 p.m. (livestream), Sat. May 15 at 7:00p.m (livestream and limited in-person), and Sun. May 16  @ 2:00p.m (livestream).

Upcoming play, Future, Here, is a modern and almost dystopian one act play featuring five unnamed characters. The actors will use their own names in the production. These characters have lived in “The Society” since they were six years old. The one act takes place when they are eighteen, on their last day in “The Society”. Everything they know about the outside world has been compiled from articles and news headlines sent to their cell phones every day.   

The group ponders what the outside world is really like: specifically Actor 1, played by AJ Bean. Who knows that the world will look different for her on the outside because of the color of her skin. 

Junior, Allison Collier who plays as Actor 4, is excited for people to sit and view this upcoming play. 

“It’s a fun dystopian premise with a lot of on-the-nose social commentary, and I think people will enjoy watching it.” Collier mentions. 

This show has sparked up some thoughts and mixed feelings for the actors starring in the act. For freshman, Lienna Marshman, Actor 5. she worries of any issues that could arise due to COVID-19. 

“As for doing a show during COVID I have mixed feelings. I’m super happy that I’ve been able to continue performing throughout all of this but staying socially distanced and masked on stage creates some different issues.” Marshman says. 

Freshman Audrey Thomas, Actor 2, mentions that a pandemic is bound to create some problems but the cast still seems to find a way to make it enjoyable.

“It has been difficult. We weren’t able to have an audience for the last play, which is my favorite part of it all. I think everyone does a pretty good job of social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing things. It’s pretty safe. For the most part, it has been different, but it was so much fun still.” Thomas said. 

Tickets for the in-person and live stream show can be found in the link. Tickets are $6. https://battletheatre.ludus.com/index.php

If you’re interested in reserving a seat live/in-person on Saturday May 15th, fill out the Google Form in the link. https://forms.gle/6Baa3Z68tgR6AGZYA