Battle Baseball Recap

Jackson Meyer, Reporter

The Battle baseball team is heading into district playoffs with a winning record, looking to improve upon a successful season. Heading into the season, there weren’t many expectations. The baseball team was not able to play last season due to COVID-19, so the boys were just excited to get back on the field. But as the regular season comes to an end, the team is finishing with one of the best records in team history.

With a new season, there were lots of new focuses so that the team could improve. Senior Garrett Bever had this to say. “The main focus for our team was to create a better atmosphere and learn to play as a team. Also, learning to carry each other not only on the field but off of it as well.” Bever said.

Bever brings up a good point, as team chemistry is extremely important for success, especially as the year goes on. Bever also recalled his favorite moment of the season. “When we played Blair Oaks and ended up getting the win 1-0. It was a hard-fought game and we stuck through and finished it out.” Bever said. Blair Oaks was one of the better baseball programs in the state, finishing the regular season at 23-5.

Lastly, Bever credits the coaches for helping with the confidence of the squad throughout the year and that leading to a successful season. “Everybody including the coaches had a better mindset this year and it brought a much better atmosphere in the dugout. Coach told us all year that we had to have confidence in ourselves and it brought us a long way in helping us see our potential.”

Senior, J’ron A. Browder had the same thing to say about the primary focus for this season. “We had to get rid of the old battle baseball. We needed to learn to play as a team, not as an individual.”

Browder also expressed great joy in how in just one season, battle baseball has cemented itself as a threat. “I think the coolest thing from this season was seeing how other teams were hesitant to play us. Instead of shrugging us off, those teams had to step up and play hard.”

Battle baseball will be looking forward to making a run in district playoffs and improving upon a successful season.