Back To School 5 Days A Week

Rachel Eaton, Reporter

This school year has been nothing but unexpected, due to COVID-19 changes in how students learn has been abundant. Students went from completely online, to hybrid, to in April 5 in-seat five days a week. Everyone has a different view on how they feel about being back in school full time. 

French teacher Nadege Uwase has mixed feelings about how she feels to be back in school full time.

“#Struggle, I would say I’m on a couple of levels. First level I think usually when you have all your students at once you are able to build a relationship with everybody pretty quickly, and them with each other… but it feels like we are starting all over again, it’s a little difficult,” said Uwase. 

Uwase is not the only one that has mixed feelings about coming back five days a week, some students want their Wednesdays back.

“Ido like being back, but I also really miss Wedensdays because I truly did work on things during that time and it allowed me to chill,” Catherine Arnold, senior said. “I feel like Wednesday was really helpful and I wish we still implimited that but I do like that we get to see people in persone,” said Arnold. 

Arnold also talked about how she also enjoyed being online for school in the first semester of the school year. 

“Last semester when we did virtual I had a really good time, especially in my choir and band class,” said Arnold. “I liked that I went at my own pace … my teachers made Zoom meetings fun and more than just staring at a screen,” Arnold said. 

Madison Cook, junior shared how being back at school full time is perfect for her and not just because she sees her friends in person. 

“It’s definitely a lot easier getting my assignments turned in on time being back full time, because I’m like ‘hey if I don’t understand this I can just ask them a question’ … I’ve been really grateful for that,” said cook. 

While being back at school is easier for some students teachers have to find a rhythm with what students need to learn and how much they can actually get done.

“The balance between how much stuff you can get done … adjusting the paces and the amount of content we get through,” said Uwase.

Cook talked about being able to see people in school again.” I feel like being able to come back and really interact with the people you saw everyday before the whole pandemic happened. I think that’s really meaningful.”