Everything Wrong With The Mall

The Columbia Mall isn’t entertaining anymore


Jennifer Pereyra

Columbia Mall

Jennifer Pereyra, Reporter

The Columbia Mall has seemed to spike up some mixed emotions in many people, due to the lack of good stores and entertainment. With at least 81 stores, most of them still seem to disappoint those who visit.

We’ve all seemed to find ourselves in the same situation where we’re in desperate need of new clothing or appliances. We walk into the mall with a purchase in mind, maybe a dress, shoes, or some new pants, and a strict budget. You take a turn down one end, then to the other, and then the next, frantically in and out of stores that are either way too overpriced, too out of fashion, or are just unnecessary like Dillard’s Men’s.

This seems to be a problem for almost everyone that visits the Columbia Mall. Over a period of time we’ve watched many stores come and go. Such as Wet Seal and Charlotte Russe that seemed to have exactly what people needed when it came to clothing at reasonable prices. 

H&M has stuck around for a while, and seems to be one of the few stores that have decent clothing. It’s only flaw is H&M and several other stores are overpriced and made to be fast fashion: purchased, worn a few times, and discarded. The clothing is made as cheaply as possible and cannot last more than a few wearing’s because of the cheap construction. Having the mall consist of fast fashion stores adds to the problem.

Sophomore Towrie Lem finds that most of the stores at the mall, attempt to steal a majority of your money. 

“I personally feel like the only good stores at the mall sell really expensive stuff, and the quote on quote lame stores make their stuff out of really cheap material which just upsets me so much” Lem mentions. 

Columbia itself has tons of sports centers that sell active outdoor clothing and equipment, with all those stores like Academy Sports + Outdoors, Bass Pro Shops, and 6 sports related stores located at the mall, why might we need more? Gearhead Outfitters, which is yet another sports and outdoor apparel store, is announced to open soon. The mall does a better job of dissatisfying their customers then providing stores that entertain and satisfy everyone’s wants and needs. 

Recently a whole lot of people have just switched to shopping online. Spending tons of money on whatever it is that they’re exactly looking for. You are easily given a much wider variety. The Mall seems to have a problem with advertising the right products to the right people. Those who visit tend to be around their teen years to the spike of their adulthood. Most of the stores at the Mall like TM Memorabilia, which consists of vintage and current sports memorabilia, and Eddie Bauer which sells outdoor apparel and gear. Don’t exactly fit the age groups which seem to be the ones that purchase the most merchandise at the Mall. 

Sophomore Melissa Lindsey feels that The Mall is no longer an enjoyable place to shop.

“I agree that the mall is sort of outdated, with not very many good stores. I just don’t really enjoy hanging out there anymore” says Lindsey. 

As well as finding places to hang in Columbia is also really tricky. Having lived in COMO for 15 years, things have changed and not really for the better. The mall recently has added a new entertainment center known as Level Up Entertainment. Which is full of arcade games, laser tag, rope courses, and bowling alleys. The mall has done a good job with providing amusement to all age groups. The only flaw is that not everyone can afford to play due to the prices for the amount of games you can play. 

Overall the Mall is pretty diverse when it comes to their stores, but most of the stores are either unnecessary, unappealing, overpriced, or way too cheap in material. If they added new stores that intrigue the public, that would bring the fun back into the Mall.