Return In-Seat

Students back to school 5 days a week



Student’s take advantage of their lunch hour chatting and filling up on food

Jennifer Pereyra, Reporter

After struggling the past year with virtual classes, hybrid learning, and return to five days a week, Battle is glad to have students back in-seat. Many challenges had to be overcome to get to this point and we’re all hoping for a long, safe school year. 

Although the return to in-seat has been a relief for many, things this year look a lot different to ensure everyone’s safety. Principal Adam Taylor expressed his excitement for the new school year and aspirations. 

“We’re hopeful that our students and staff will have a safe and engaging school year filled with opportunities to further grow towards their desired dreams and aspirations. We want to help guide and support our students in their pursuit of academic excellence and social responsibility,” Taylor mentioned. 

Before school opened, a plan had to be established to guarantee everything runs smoothly. Columbia Public Schools acted fast in creating a 2021-22 Coronavirus Plan. From K-12, a back up plan was created to avoid COVID cases from rising. 

“This document outlines the district’s plan to maintain a safe learning environment and to keep students in school as well as responses should change in learning modes be necessary,” the introduction page of the plan states. 

Since day one, the school’s new normal is wearing masks while inside the school building. Battle will continue to promote healthy habits and put in mitigation strategies against COVID-19 (such as masks, seating charts and contract tracing). Staff and faculty hope students will find a more “normal” school experience.

Wearing masks indoors is one mitigation strategy that will provide an additional layer of protection to keep all students and staff safe and in school. Although they’re required indoors and on busses, they aren’t required outside. This gives most classes the opportunity to work outdoors and take a break from masks. 

Looking back at last school year, restrictions don’t seem to be as harsh. This year, during passing hours, the halls become overcrowded and at times making it difficult to get to class on time. Lunch has also become overwhelming for some students. 

“Sometimes I see people with their mask below their nose or completely off, especially in the crowded hallways. People just like to stand around and sometimes it’s annoying when you’re walking to your next class,” Junior Towrie Lem mentioned. 

Meanwhile in classrooms, teachers give most students the option to choose a seat for the rest of the year to make contact tracing a lot easier in case someone in the class tests positive for COVID-19. Those students that are caught with a loose mask or none at all are reminded constantly to “pull their masks up.”

“We are committed to following all policies and procedures outlined by the district. Our nursing staff is great and will identify close contacts and other measures and protocols that need to be followed. Adults will model what we expect students to do,” Assistant Principal Rachel McCarthy said. 

In order to continue in-seat, everyone must do their part and respect each other’s personal space and keep masks on at all times. We’re in this together.