Devious Licks TikTok trend affecting schools around the world


Aaliyah Preyer, reporter


Devious licks, the viral TikTok trend has affected Battle High School through the month of September by inspiring students to destroy and steal school property.

Devious licks started as a small TikTok trend which later became viral and a worldwide problem. The devious licks trend started Sept.1, 2021, when TikTok user ‘jugg4elias’ posted a video showing a box of masks that they had stolen from school. Slowly, students began to steal hand soap, stall doors, and unusual objects throughout the school. 


What are devious licks? Devious licks are when students go and destroy or steal from their schools, like destroying the bathrooms, stealing from teachers’ classrooms, destroying hallways, etc, and posting it on social media. The devious licks trend has caused  problems such as school bathrooms being closed and students getting arrested for vandalism of bathrooms. 


Stephanie Coleman, a teacher and a former police officer, said, “As prior law enforcement I feel that anytime a student puts a criminal act on video, it becomes a permanent piece of evidence against them. Although they think it’s funny or trendy, they are committing a crime that could be very costly to their future.” 

A lot of kids who participate in the devious licks trend are not aware of the consequences that come with their actions. . according to So far There have been 8 juveniles charged in Boone County for the devious licks TikTok trend. 


Not all students have the mindset to destroy and steal things for fun and games. Jaelynn Green, sophomore, said, “I think they’re dumb honestly and for the people that are doing them they are just trying to be cool for the other people but honestly it’s just going to get themselves in trouble.” 


Devious licks are definitely not something students should play around about. Dr. Alyssa Galbreath, assistant principal, said, “I think kids don’t realize the repercussions of what they’re getting themselves into, property damage or vandalism can get you suspended, or it can get you a juvenile office referral. They are also hurting our community because we are all a community. Other kids would get frustrated because we would have to close down bathrooms because all the bathrooms would be destroyed.” 


Devious licks are a serious problem, not just at our school, but all around the world. Facing long lasting consequences for being part of a trend is not worth the trouble and bad decisions would forever remain permanent.