Girls Strong


Aaliyah Preyer, reporter

Are you interested in Women’s issues? Are you looking for a new club to join? Girls Strong may be the club for you.  


 Girls Strong formed 2 years ago to empower women and other genders to bring gender equality to CPS and our school. The Girls Strong group talks about other social issues like gender inequality to bring awareness to CPS. 


Staylee Sheaffer, a girl strong member, said, “I like girl strong because it gives a safe space of empowerment that I think everyone needs.”


  The Girls Strong group helps the community at our school by making posters and putting free period products in the bathroom for the women in need. In the past, Girls Strong united and went to the local protests about women’s rights that are planned and happened here in Columbia at City Hall. 


Aaliyah Beck, sophomore club member, said, “I really like Girl Strong. Not only is it something to do, but I love talking about how to empower women and steps I can take as an individual to help others.” 

 Some high school girls have a hard time using their voice because they feel like they always get judged,  Sophomore Chole Fitzgerald said, “I like girl strong because I think schools can have a lot of judgment and discrimination rooted in so we have safe space to talk about it.” 


Girls Strong makes a lot of people feel safe and not judged or afraid to talk about anything. Tanith Frazier, sophomore, said, “I love Girls Strong a lot because it gives me a safe place to talk with people I can relate to, and talk to people that care about the same issues as me and want to make a change.”


If you ever feel the need to use your voice to speak on what you want done about women empowerment and more, meetings take place on Tuesdays after school every other week in room H214B. You can show up at any time and anyone can join. If you have any more questions about joining you can contact Susie Adams the sponsor of Girl Strong at [email protected].