Volleyball Season Recap

Nathan Stever, Editor In Chief

The 2021 volleyball season began on Aug. 31 at Eldon. Over the course of the season, the Spartans would play 14 other schools and participate in two tournaments. The 2021 volleyball season would end in their district game against Holt on October 21. 


To start the season off Battle would go on to play Eldon, Lebanon, Hallsville, Blair Oaks, and Helias. Hallsville would be their first home game, making the other four games away games. Against all of these opponents the Spartans would be 0-5 going into their first tournament. 


The Camdenton tournament would be the first tournament of the season. The stakes of the tournament were single game elimination. Hickman would be the first opponent. The Spartans would only win 1 match out of 4. 


The next two opponents would be Fulton and Union. Both of these games the Spartans would win making their record 2-6. Coming off of two wins, Battle would go on to face Capital City, Fatima, and Rock Bridge. After the two solid wins, hopes were high the season would begin to look up. Against those next three opponents Battle would go 0-3 in matches against Capital City and Rock Bridge and 2-3 against Fatima. 


Coming off of three losses, the Spartans would have three opponents left before districts. Smith Cotton, Montgomery County, and Jeff City were the only games left in the regular season. Against Smith Cotton and Montgomery City, Battle would walk away with wins against both teams. Coming off another two wins, Jeff City was the last game. Before the game could even begin; however, the game would be postponed, then ultimately canceled. The regular season would end with a record of 4-9. 


The Spartans would face Holt in the first round of districts. Out of three matches, Holt would go on to win all three, giving the loss to Battle. Battle ended the season with a final record of 4-10.