Young Photographers

A new way of self expression

Jennifer Pereyra, Reporter

 Photography and digital photo and video editing has seemed to spike in popularity. With about 5 billion people in the world today owning a phone, approximately half of which are smartphone users. Gaining access to a camera or editing application of some sort can be done effortlessly. 

Recently people’s interest in photo and videography, especially the youth, has seemed to hit an all time high. Now with social media posts demanding to be aesthetically pleasing and in high definition everyone has seemed to work on their editing and photography skills. 

Photography does what our brains can not. It physically captures moments of importance and beauty, and helps people revisit memories in a way otherwise not possible. Simply put, photography grants people the ability to immortalize moments in time. But here’s the thing: it also helps us stay connected with our loved ones, even those who are no longer with us. 

Ever since Tik tok gained popularity, many people have begun to take on video editing as well. With 15 to 60 seconds, and now 3 minute long videos for certain users. Heavy filters with grain, bloom, bling, dispersion, and slow zoom in effects have been used a lot in most indie tik tok clips.

Editing software’s like Adobe Photoshop, Polarr, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Cutecut. All which can be accessed through desktop and mobile devices, have found their way onto people’s home screens and without any lessons, many teens can fully operate and produce raw and professional photos and videos using these complex and intricate programs. 

Digital technology has changed the role of photography in society in many ways. Technology has advanced so much that photographs can be captured anywhere and anytime. Now with easy to use editing applications, many can face tune, add, edit, and crop out, giving photography a whole different perspective and introduces a new way of self expression.

With most of the youth invested in digital photo and video editing, photography opens up a great opportunity to a variety of careers which focus on the editing process and skills used in those elaborate programs.