Student Council Gets Inspired From District Meet-Up

Jackie Ozanich, Managing Editor

Our BHS Student Council (StuCo) saddled up for the Missouri Association of Student Councils (MASC) Northeast 2021 District meeting on Nov. 8. This year’s meeting was held by the current president school, Fulton High School, with the theme “Saddle Up For The Ride Of Your Life,” a western theme to share ideas across schools, improve student council, and grow as a state together. 

“I think it was a good way for us to build school spirit and improve our student council,” Allison Bivens, junior and student council president, commented. 

15 StuCo members left around 8am on a bus driven by Ms. Villasana, to get to Fulton by 8:30am. Once there, they rushed to Fulton High School’s gym to attend the assembly where guest speakers such as Miss Missouri Rodeo Victoria Wilson, Cousin Danny from Happiness Is NOW, and others. They also got hyped with chants for their day of StuCo. 

“I like Cousin Danny because he was really fun and had a lot of emotion,” Izzi Dupree, junior, said in a statement.

After the opening session, high schools were split up into three groups, BHS StuCo being placed in the red group. They started off by going to Discussion Groups, where they discussed and shared StuCo ideas, through REALMS, or recreation, education, attitude, leadership, money, and service. Then they headed to the theater, where they listened to a presentation about MASC and the Special Olympics of Missouri (SOMO). The day of MASC ended at 1pm, and Ms. Villasana drove the15 representatives back to third block. 

“It was very energetic and fun,” Izzi Dupree, junior, commented. 

Districts provided the Student Council with lots of new ideas to improve our school year as a whole. 

“This year’s northeast districts was very successful, and highlighted what we need to work on as a school and as a student council,” Nadia Ozanich, freshman, said. “I’m hoping we can focus on education and fundraising this year, with things like a bake sale, guest speakers, etc., to improve our school and community.”

“It was a great experience, and I can’t wait to go again next year!” Izzi Dupree said.