Black empowerment

Black empowerment

Aaliyah Preyer, reporter

Black empowerment 

   Being black is more than just a color, more than a race, black is powerful in a way a lot of people won’t understand. It’s powerful because it’s something that nobody can take away from you. 

African Americans get judged almost most of the time we go in public. If our hair looks “nappy” it’s not. It’s our thick curly hair that we love. Being black isn’t something you should be ashamed of but you should be proud of. Be proud that you are different. Be proud that you have thick curly hair. Be proud that you have all these different types of hairstyles and traditions and not everyone celebrates. 

We get looked at because we are different, have different skin tones, different hair textures, etc. not everyone will accept us, not everyone will like us, but we show them that doesn’t bother us and we keep our chins up and we keep being proud of the skin that we are in. 

We may get called ghetto, or maybe even that “we weren’t raised right”. But let’s understand that not everyone was raised the same way as other families were, some people didn’t have people to look up to. But why does it always have to be the black kids that “wasn’t raised right”? We have seen plenty of kids of all races that act out of control, but somehow come back on the “ghetto black kids.” 

Not all people judge us but a lot of people love us for who we are and don’t agree with the slavery that happened in the past. We love those types of people and keep them around. 

We can’t do anything about the mean and judgmental people but what we can do is be proud of the skin we are in.