BLARM Showcases Student Art and Literature


Izzi Dupree, Reporter

 The Battle Literature and Art Review Magazine (BLARM)  has existed since 2013 to showcase student talent in art and writing. This year’s theme was “Metamorphosis”, with last year’s being “unmasked.” The magazine is completely student led, with all student staff and contributors. The last two editions of the magazine have been released digitally. This year’s magazine being printed physically has brought a lot of excitement to the people involved in the process of producing the magazine. 


“I’m excited to see it printed, cause last year I was kind of sad because mine was the cover, but this year I’m excited that it’s actually going to be printed and I can have a physical copy,” said junior Kaela Belmore, who submitted pieces to both this year and last year’s magazines. 


Savannah Bridgeford, BLARM’s editor, is excited to see her first physical copy in the two years she has been editor, but makes the point that the most important thing is showing off Battle students’ creativity. 


“It’ll be really cool to feel the actual, physical book having it printed,” said Bridgeford, “but I like them both because they’re both a collection of student artwork.” 


Putting the magazine together is no easy task. The members and staff of the club work tirelessly throughout the year to sift through the submissions and single out only the best to be printed in the magazine. 


“We probably get about 50 submissions a year, but the magazine can only be so long, and we really want it to be reflective of quality work that Battle is putting out,” said Anne Borgmeyer, faculty sponsor.


The magazine can only hold around 30 pieces of art and literature. Bridgeford has said she is proud of the work that was chosen, and is excited to see it printed. 


“I feel like the overall content and art that’s featured in it is really good,” Bridgeford said, “and they bring a lot of interesting perspectives, and I’m proud of all of the work that was submitted.”