Blue & Gold Cards Return

They’re back.

Jackie Ozanich, Managing Editor

     Blue and Gold cards are returning to Battle this year! Blue and Gold cards are student rewards for being a Spartan that meets expectations in the classroom and out. Students who receive blue or gold cards will have expanded privileges including being able to eat outside during lunch (regardless of grade), discounted access to football games, and more. 

     Due to restrictions with COVID, Blue and Gold cards stopped being awarded in the spring of 2020. However, as COVID restrictions lift, awards for students are coming back! The requirements to receive a gold card is that you must have no tardies, no referrals for any reason, 3’s and 4’s in conduct and effort, all A’s and B’s and at least 95% attendance. The rewards for the gold cards include free entry to all BHS home athletics, outdoor eating during lunch, and even an entry for a drawing for a free dance or event tickets 

     Blue cards have lesser restrictions, but also fewer incentives. The requirements are no more than 3 tardies, no more than 1 referral (depending on the reason), All 3’s and 4’s on conduct and effort, C’s and above, and at least 90% attendance. The rewards include: discounted entry to BHS athletic events, access to media center during student support block and more.

     Students will receive their gold or blue cards after each IPR is released. They will receive their gold or blue card with their second block teacher and will be put on the back of the student ID to ensure that they do not lose it. Students who completed the requirements for a gold card last semester should have received their gold card already. Be sure to exceed all expectations in and out of the classroom to ensure that you receive your blue or gold card at the next IPR!