Girls golf


Jackie Ozanich, Managing Editor

     The 2022 Girls’ Golf Season has officially come to an end. This season was full of fun and a caring team.

     This season, the team only had four members, making it a challenge to compete. 

     “There’s Varsity and JV, but we only have four people, so that’s out [of the question],” Emily Lee, sophomore, said. “[Because we only have four people on the team] we just have to tell people when we go to competitions: ‘Hey, we have a small team,’ and they’ll usually just be like, ‘Oh, that’s crazy.’ Sometimes, our scores don’t even count, though, because sometimes you have to have at least six people.”

     Despite these challenges, the team stays positive and still travels to competitions.

     Lee said, “Sometimes we drive around two hours away, and we did miss a lot of school days.”

     Girls’ Golf is always willing to recruit new teammates. 

     “Coach Hamilton came up to me at Call to Battle, and he was like, ‘Hey, do you want to come and see if you want to come and play golf?’ and I agreed, and when I showed up, it was a practice, so I was like, I guess I’m doing this now,” Lee said. 

     Golf is a long and strenuous sport, with the average round being four and a half hours. This doesn’t mean the game itself can’t be fun and exciting, though. 

     “[My favorite part of being on the golf course] is hitting the ball. It’s fun, but it goes far, and I hate having to find the ball after. If you don’t find it, you have to guess where it went, basically. If you lose it, you have to get another ball and pay for it,” Lee explained.

       Battle High School is lucky to have the Lake of the Woods golf course only 1.5 miles away, making practice convenient and close. Next year, though, the team can expect an interesting change.

     “Next year where we practice changes. They change it ever two years–where we practice–so now we’ll have to drive further,” Lee said. 

     Another big change coming to the team next year is losing senior Melissa Lindsey, who is said to be the best player on the golf team due to her extensive experience, after playing since her freshman year.

     “The most challenging part [of golf] is the mentality. To play great, you must hold a high amount of attention span and focus, and it can be difficult in hot weather, which is what we girls play in. Sometimes physical obstacles interfere with your mentality and your game, but you have to train yourself to overcome it,” Melissa Lindsey said.

     If you’re interested in joining the team, don’t be afraid to try it next season!

      “We have an enthusiastic golf team. Half of our team is new and hasn’t played before,” Lee said. “You should just try it out. They have equipment and stuff, and you don’t have to have played before. You can be bad at it, that’s fine. Just have fun with it.”