People come together to celebrate Homecoming


Samantha Bonen, Writer

The Student Council hosted the Homecoming Dance on Oct. 1 in the Commons this year with the theme of Camp Sparta.

The Homecoming Dance is a high school event that students have been attending for years. During the dance, students can listen and dance to music, hang out with friends, and snack on foods provided by the school. It is overall an event for students to have fun, and enjoy their high school experience.

Homecoming is not exclusive to Battle, as many other high schools organize their own dance. The Homecoming Dance always follows the annual Homecoming Game in the fall. Homecoming also always has a Homecoming Court which consists of 10 nominated seniors. These seniors are considered our dance “royalty.” The nominated seniors this year include Allison Bivens, Charlie Hazelrigg, Dy’Lon Pittman, Ethan Magee, Jerry Francisco, Josh Johnson, Jackie Ozanich, Jeffery Painter, and Mya Martinez. The winners are announced at the Homecoming Football game. 

This year’s Homecoming King was Josh Johnson and the Homecoming Queen was Mya Martinez.  

Mya Martinez said, “I felt very loved and everyone on court was just so nice, and I felt very welcomed.” Martinez then went on to talk about how she felt when she found out that she won. “I don’t remember the feeling, I just felt like I wanted to hug everyone, again I felt very loved,” Martinez said. 

Homecoming King Josh Johnson said he didn’t expect to win. “Since I was up against Ethan Magee and Dy’Lon Pittman, I was pretty sure Dy’Lon would win because he had football votes,” Johnson said. 

Johnson also said, “I won, and it was kind of shocking.”  Johnson then went on to talk about his feelings after getting nominated. “I felt really lucky and appreciated.” 

Nominees had to advertise themselves and fundraise for their campaigns. Fundraising and advertising helps boost your chances of winning. Josh said that he felt this process was tense. “The experience was very stressful, there were a lot of things that didn’t go my way,” said Josh.

Junior Anna Ferguson was one of the main leaders in organizing the dance. She and the rest of the student council helped pick our theme and decorate. “We brainstormed a bunch of themes and narrowed it down to either decades or camp. However camp was more unique, and if anyone wanted decades we could do that for court warming,” said Ferguson. 

Ferguson said, “This year had more to do with the theme, people didn’t really know what last years’ theme was. Also, last years’ dance was outside, and we only had two weeks to plan. I think this year was much better.” 

Homecoming was a great opportunity for students to meet new people and make friends. Especially those on Homecoming Court, even though there were some losses. Overall, the dance this year had a great turnout, and make sure you get ready for the court warming season.