Setting up for next season


Patrick Nkongoro , Reporter

Volleyball has come to a gradual stop while emotions and feelings start building up as seniors look toward their future. 

Jordyn Butler said,  “I’m kind of sad to not be playing with some of the girls again, but I’m excited for what’s next because I’m going to play in college.” 

Jordyn Butler, an outstanding player, has played on varsity all four years and plans on continuing her athletic career in college; she is still unsure on where she wants to go.

Senior Night was October 6th and Battle played Fatima. They swept them. 

Allison  Bivens said, “Senior night was fun, it was very sad and there was a lot of emotion, but it was bittersweet because it was the last big game, and it was really nice to have the seniors play together and work for each other for the same thing.”  Allison will not be continuing her athletic career in college but will further her education at Mizzou, majoring in atmospheric science. There are many outstanding seniors (Serena Newby, Ayanna miles, Katelyn Risner, Jessica Alverson Freese) and soon they’ll take their leave and new seniors will take their places.

 Janaya Weitkemper said, “We have a lot of seniors that are leaving this year and someone is going to have to step up, take charge, and be a leader.” 

Janya is a sophomore playing varsity. She has worked hard and with time and dedication has been able to reach the varsity level. 

Jordyn said “I feel like they might struggle at first because I started varsity all 4 years and so everybody is used to me being the go-to hitter or Allison being able to dig up all the tips or Jessie sets, but I think they’re going to be fine once they figure it out after their first two weeks or two games. It may take them a minute to get used to it, but I definitely think Janya is probably going to lead the team next year or Henley, just because they played varsity their freshman and sophomore year.”

Janaya reflects Jordan’s opinion by saying “We will for sure have to work on some things as a team because the varsity as a whole will not be the same, more girls will have to come up and move up. I feel like Jordyn, Katelyn, and Serena are the main leaders, and we are going to need someone to take their places.” 

Janaya also believes that family is a big part of the program as she said “We are part of a family and battle is trying to build off of something, and it’s not just me in team it’s all of us taking part.”