Students Create Own Government at Boys and Girls State

Battle students attend Missouri Boys and Girls State


Allie Easton, Podcast Editor

This past summer at Lindenwood University incoming seniors from all over Missouri, including some from Battle, were chosen to participate in Girls State and Boys State. Those two different programs have branches in all fifty states and are made for students to create their own government for the week. This allows participants to simulate running for office, start their own business, serve as law enforcement officers and more. 

“I was on the newspaper staff for Missouri Girls State, and I was also a senator,” Jackie Ozanich said, a participant of Missouri Girls State. “As a senator, I got to go to the Missouri state capitol in Jeff City, and we got to go to the actual senate floor and have a session there. That was my favorite part, I think.” 

It was a great learning experience in many ways. “I learned a lot more about government and how the political system works,” Brett Travis said, a Boys State delegate. 

However, for some of the participants, it was more of a way to learn to get out of their comfort zone. 

“I really learned how to be more outgoing and go with the flow,” Ozanich said. “To not be scared of new people or new things.”

However, the week was not all about government. There were multiple fun activities that the attendees of the programs got to participate in, such as sports at Boys State and special social events.

 “The Boys State ‘state fair’ had a bunch of food and games to play,” Travis said.

 The participants at Girls State also went to this event to celebrate the first ever joined session of both MO Boys and Girls State. 

Missouri Girls and Boys State happens every year for all students their incoming-senior year. 

“There are no academic requirements. We look for students that show interest, leadership and involved in our school and community,” said Jacob Biener, head of guidance. “Being part of it is a big commitment, so we want students that are willing and able to commit.”

 If you would like to know more about these events, contact the counseling office.