When Life Gives You Lemons

Battle’s monthly lemonade stand fundraiser


Delaney Ellebracht, Reporter

To raise money for AVID, Fresh Lemonade Co. sold lemonade to students at their lunch break on Nov. 2. The company, out of Sedalia, MO, is popular all over the state for their crisp flavors and large portions. 

According to AVID Coordinator and fundraiser facilitator, Leslie Aguilar, the company suggested they come every month to establish a relationship with the school as well as the community. 

AVID usually makes about 325 to 400 dollars each time the truck comes. The money is used to purchase t-shirts, food, and other materials needed for the program.

After October, Aguilar and the company gave students the opportunity to vote on the flavors they wanted to come back. Due to popular demand, this November, the mango flavor returned and was a big hit. As a result, Fresh Lemonade Co. ran out of lemonade for the first time. 

Brook Bliven, junior and a frequent customer, said, “Always get mango. Mango is best.”

Aguilar, with a different opinion, said, “My favorite would have to be either Strawberry or Blue Raspberry, but I haven’t tried all of them yet.”