Missouri Abortion Fundraiser

Columbia Public Schools teens take politics into their own hands


Stalee Sheaffer, Photography Editor

The Missouri Abortion Fundraiser, put together by CPS high school students, took place on November 13 at Maplewood Barn. The goal was to raise money for a donation to the Missouri Abortion Fund, an organization that has provided $670,000 to Missourians needing abortion care.
“We firmly believe that abortion care should be available and accessible for everyone, no matter their identity, circumstances or location. We stand with Missourians, and we aren’t going anywhere,” the Missouri Abortion Fundraiser stated on their website, MOfund.org.
Columbia Public Schools teens have come together to create a group called “Missouri Youth Voices.” The group started in early 2022 after CPS revoked their mask mandate. They led protests throughout the high schools and even made the local news. The students talk regularly about school and community related issues, and they work to provide a voice to students throughout the district.
“We are a group of Mid-MO youth looking to improve the political state of Missouri,” said Tanith Frazier, a Junior at Battle High School and co-leader of the group. “We want to let the youth of Missouri’s voices be heard.”
For the last few months, the group has worked with their families on hosting garage sales, making about $400 to secure the Maplewood Barn as the location for the event. The group contacted some local entrepreneurs to set up booths for the event. These booths sold food, plants, and even raffle tickets for prizes. All proceeds went to the Missouri Abortion Fund.
“We’re really happy with how it all turned out,” said Leo Aber, a junior at Hickman and another co-leader of the group. “We wish there was a little more of a turn-out, but overall I think it went well.”