The Battle Barrow Is Back!

StuCo promotes school spirit with treats!


Cohen Nguyen, A&E Editor

The Battle Barrow made its first appearance since 2018 on august 26th, bringing with it candy and gifts to Mr. Elmy’s first block and 2 other first block classes. From here on out the Battle Barrow will visit at least 1 person every Friday. If that person is wearing the appropriate spirit wear, then the entire class gets its rewards!

The Battle Barrow was reinstated this year by Stanley Walker and Mya Martinez. It was created to “Get more people involved with spirit wear”.

This seems to have worked as the first three classes visited had won the Battle Barrows rewards. 

Contrary to popular belief, the Battle Barrow is not new to battle. According to Jill Villasana, “It [the Battle Barrow] started with our admin team, they started the battle barrow and would do that on Fridays during football season and we did it for a couple of years”. Unfortunately, the Battle Barrow ultimately ended when the admin team could no longer support the Battle Barrow.

 But what is the point of the Barrow If it’s not effective? Well we surveyed students during lunch and while 59% of students said they did not know about it at first, out of the 49% that did know about it, 81% said they wore spirit wear because of the Battle Barrow. This is clear evidence that the Battle Barrow is extremely effective.

Now you may be wondering “How can I get involved with the barrow?”, well luckily for you they are accepting sponsors from different organizations, clubs, and colleges. If you or your organization decide to sponsor the barrow, you can choose what the theme is for the week. To sponsor the Barrow, make sure to contact Stanley Walker.

So far the Battle Barrow has been extremely successful, and hopefully it sees even more success throughout the rest of the year. So if you want the Barrows candy, don’t forget to match the theme that week!