No-Shave November

Patrick Nkongoro , Reporter

Entering the month of November, you might have heard of No-shave November. According to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, No-Shave November originated in Australia and was started by two-mustache loving “mates”. During this time they called it “Movember” where they would only grow their mustaches and collect money for men’s health charities. In 2009, after the passing of Matthew Hill from colorectal cancer, the Hill family created the No-Shave November donation website. While Matthew was struggling with cancer in November 2007, the Hill family would not shave and instead donate the money they used for razors and shaving cream to donate to charities that supported illnesses. This movement has now been seen all over the world.
Michael Pigg, Senior, said, “I participate for both reasons. I enjoy doing research before doing popular trends, but it’s also good fun to make fun of friends while they make fun of me for going baby faced and watching it grow back.”
Participating means embracing your hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow. For many not shaving can be a pain but for some, it’s an excuse for a husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend.
Axel Gutierrez, Senior, said, “I honestly never really cared. I never really shaved my beard until now.”
Mr. Biener also said, “Any chance I get to be lazy with my facial hair, I’m all for.”

If you’re interested in donating to cancer support organizations, some great options are the Cancer Research Institute, No-Shave, and American cancer fund.