Improved Security Measures

The hardening Battle security


Ethan Magee and Ethan Magee

For those returning to Battle this year, it might have been hard not to notice changes in school security. From the new two-factor authentication system at the student entrance to locked doors during class, this emphasis on student and faculty safety is one that pays off. 

In wake of recent tragedies such as the Uvalde school shooting, the “hardening” of security systems in schools has been seen nationwide. In some school districts across the country, strong measures have already been implemented such as the requirement of clear backpacks, guarded escort to the bathroom, and in Ohio schools, the arming of teachers. Right here in Missouri, federal grants as large as $315,000 have been given to school districts like the Lawson R-XIV District of the Kansas City region to increase security. 

Adjustments to security at BHS follow the same mission of making a safer environment for students and faculty. When asked about exactly what safety measures are in place, director of security John Logan referred to secure vestibules at both student and faculty entrances, the locking of doors during class periods, a no-bag policy at sporting events, and the training of administrators in assessing threats. 

While attending an active shooter class over the summer, Logan was able to speak with instructors and attendees from other school districts nationwide. Here, an instructor from the New York area shared his impression of CPS security, now relayed by Logan.

“The Columbia Public Schools District is doing a really good job with safety and security. Our secure vestibules, our school resource officers, mirrored film, our threat assessment, the things that we’re doing are really at the forefront of safety and security for a public schools system.”

Although created from unfortunate circumstances, enhancements to security in the CPS district are made solely to benefit its students and workers, and we can be thankful that they seem to be paying off.