After School Study Hall

Chance to study after school

Cohen Nguyen, A&E Editor

The After School Study Hall is back once again this school year, and is ready to help you with all your studying needs! The After School Study Hall will be hosted after school from 4:15-5:45 in room G207. 

Can’t seem to find the answer to a math problem? Need some help with your essay? Then the After School Study Hall might be perfect for you. In the study hall you have access to resources you wouldn’t have if you just worked outside of school.

Maybe you don’t need any help, then the study hall can still help you. Do you need any volunteer hours for the A+ hours? Then feel free to tutor at the study hall for those volunteer hours!

Maybe you and your friends want a time to work together, then come start a study group! No matter what you need, the After School Study Hall can meet all your scholarly needs.